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Welcome to the IRRiCO II website
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Enhanced and Integrated Approach regarding Information on Return and Reintegration in Countries of Origin.

IRRiCO II is a project carried out by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) that aims to provide information for migrants considering returning back to their countries of origin.

IRRiCO II provides information about return and reintegration possibilities in the countries that are highlighted in the world map above.

Information is provided in the form of country sheets about health care, housing, education, employment, business opportunities, custom issues, and transportation.
In addition, in each country of origin, a contact list is provided with the addresses of relevant organizations and service providers: hospitals, schools, universities, ministries, NGOs, etc.

The IRRiCO II project provides information about 20 countries of origin (countries in orange). By clicking on the countries in light blue on the map, you can also find information about some other countries that IRRiCO II does not cover. This information comes from the CRI project (Country of Return Information), a similar project coordinated by the Flemish Refugee Council.

To obtain more information about a country, please select a country on the map above. You will find a country sheet and a list of contact details of the selected country.